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19 September 2017


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Jesus crew musicals is a music and art crew established to train individual youth who forms part of the crew in their four mainstream activities they offer, namely, singing dancing, acting and the cadet. The crew was established on 16th march, 2014 which is barely four years now under the foundation of Nathan Annan, the CEO and Gabriel McAn, the manager.

The crew is extensively divided into:

  1. Jesus Crew Musicals
  2. J Dancers
  3. J Cadet
  4. J Actors
  5. J Fires.


These are young and talented youth who have decided to propagate the Good News their musical gift. They are groomed to be masters of what they do best which further goes under management. They get the exposure through rehearsals, ministrations studio recordings and secure music training in theory and practical. Our music genres include gospel pop, gospel cools, hip gospel and reggae.


One of the influential sectors in the crew is the dancing crew. The Management ushers dancing training into professional dancers who’s capabilities are exposed to the public through the media.


The J cadet undergoes serious cadet training. Their responsibility is to ensure a tight security of the crew wherever.


They pass through series of training to be called actors. The actors in the crew gain access to be cast into short films, feature films, documentaries, advert shooting, TV series and are well edited and played on media channels.


                                                                                    J FIRES

This sector is called FIRES and ensures that the mission of the great commission given us by our Lord Jesus would be attained through prayers and evangelical works.


To make a positive impact in the world and create a forum for an ever ready existing, market for the youth in music and art.



To use our talents to positively influence the world into eternity and build a firm management team towards it proper utilization of their career to make a life changed impact.


  • Discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Synergy
  • Productive
  • Trust



Currently, Jesus Crew has collaborated with Double Army to launch a music and video album titled (I’m Grateful) on the 21st October 2017 at Christ Apostolic Church Intl, Central church- Agona Swedru in the Central region. Special ministrations from guest artiste like Heavenly Voices, IK,  and other choir groups from all and sundry. The album launching would be honored by great personalities in the church domain and the gospel music fraternity.


  • Nathan T.k Annan                                                           Founder
  • Diana T.k Annan                                                             Patron
  • Gabriel McAN                                                                 General Manager
  • Madam Eunice Clottey                                                   Chairman
  • Benedicta Annobil                                                           Personal  Assistant
  • Louis Quansah                                                                Consultant
  • Francis Lord Buckman                                                    Sound Engineer
  • Dawda Osuan                                                                  Editor
  • Gabriel Dankwa                                                               Graphic Designer
  • Sarah Arthur                                                                    Dance Manager
  • Sarah Coffie                                                                    Wardrobe and Make ups
  • Juana Banitsi                                                                   Welfare








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